In today’s modern world of information, people have become so reliant on their gadgets and technology. They think because they have watched something on TV or a video online that they can go out and live off the land. That is farther from the truth. True survival and primitive living skills require years of experience. There are no shortcuts; however quality professional training can increase your odds of success drastically. Every year people die in the woods because of:
  • Hypothermia – Unable to maintain core body temperature
  • Dehydration – Lack of water, or inability to retain water due to the consumption of hazardous water.
  • Malnutrition – Failure to manage caloric intake and energy expenditure

Adequate training at a survival school essential:

Essential Course (72 Hour Emergency)

With just a little survival training anyone can rely on their own aptitude to survive.  The training is directly proportionate to how long you need to survive from dehydration, exposure, or starvation.  In our Essential Course, you can acquire the skills to help search and rescue find you, make a shelter to protect you from exposure, and find and make water potable to drink.   The perfect survival training for the typical 72-hour emergency.   To learn more check out our Essentials Wilderness Survival Course

Applied Course

Every year thousands of hikers, backpackers, hunters, fishermen, and other enthusiasts realize that they can’t find their way back to the trailhead or the vehicle where they entered the wilderness from.  Think of that moment they feel the despair tearing down into their gut.  It is a soul-wrenching feeling that if you aren’t careful can cause you to panic.  “Where I came in has to be right over there!”  You run to it and it’s not where you entered the forest.  You get hopelessly lost with no sense of what direction to get back home.  This panic kills people every year!  Everyone should at least take a course to help search and rescue find you and survive until they do.

However, in some cases, you have done everything right but help hasn’t found you within those 72 hours.  In 2019 a 73-year-old man got lost in the mountains of Southern California when he became separated from his hiking group.  He was missing for over a week before search and rescue found him.  He credits his prior military experience for his positive outcome.  For most people to survive in the wilderness for a week they have to had either training or preferably experience.

At Trail Blazer Survival School our training helps you learn new survival skills by demonstrating them and then having you practice it, this equals experience.  After you take the Essential Wilderness Survival Course you can take your skills to the next level from just barely surviving the minimum 72 hours it normally takes search and rescue to find you to having the knowledge, practice, and skills to potentially stay out in the wilderness for an extended time.  You never know if you are the man or woman it takes longer to find,  sign up for our Applied Wilderness Survival Course.