Wilderness Survival Courses

Trial Blazer Survival School’s multi-day wilderness survival courses provide the survival skill you need in to live on in the wild.  We focus primarily on primitive skills taught with a combination of demonstration and hands-on, by a full-time wilderness survival instructor(s). The survival courses will introduce and give you practice with the survival skills to allow you to thrive in the wilderness with only a knife.

Choose either our Master Course (16 consecutive days) or take them as 3 independent wilderness survival courses ranging from basic to advanced in difficulty.  The basic course (Essential Wilderness Survival) is two days usually over a weekend, the intermediate course (Applied Wilderness Survival) is four days, and the advanced course (Advanced Wilderness Survival) is five days.  Additionally, there is a NOLS Wilderness First Aid two-day course, one day of plant identification, and two days of you putting your skills to the test.

If you have any questions about our courses, please feel free to call us at; (864) 263-3850

NOLS First Aid course banner

NOLS Wilderness First Aid


Coming 2020

Step forward in an emergency with this 16 to 20-hour course designed to introduce wilderness medicine principles. Learn how to improvise equipment, deal with challenging environments, and above all act with confidence away from medical care. Engage in classroom lectures and demonstrations, combined with realistic scenarios where mock patients will help to integrate your learning. Course Content

Essential Wilderness Survival Course bannerEssential Wilderness Survival Course

March 7th thru 8th, 2020
8 am to 4 pm each day


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Our next upcoming event is the 2-day Essential Wilderness Survival Course teaches students the basics of survival. This class is chiefly designed to develop the skills needed to survive during a 72-hour emergency situation. There are two days of instruction with an optional third day to enjoy yourself around camp. Set up your tent and spend the night, fish from our lake after each class, hike our beautiful trails, and finally relax at our central camp fire in the evening

Course Content 

Applied Survival Course bannerApplied Wilderness Survival  

March 9th thru 12th, 2020
8 am to 5 pm each day


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The 4-day Applied Wilderness Survival Course is specifically designed to teach you the skills necessary to survive any situation with confidence. For example training includes; shelter building, water procurement, fire making, food procurement, primitive tools, cordage, and much more

Applied Course Content

Advanced willderness survival course bannerAdvanced Wilderness Survival  

March 16th thru 20th, 2020
8 am to 5 pm each day


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The 5-day Advanced Wilderness Survival Course takes students beyond survival, and into a state of self-reliance, fully capable of living long-term in the wild with nothing but your skills. This upcoming event is specifically designed to prepare individuals with the best bushcraft skills and above all live in the wild for extended periods of time

Advanced Course Content

Master's Wilderness Survival course bannerMaster Survival Course

March 7th thru 20th 2020 (8 am -5 pm)


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This course is unlike any other. Learn to become a Master Survivalist at the Trail Blazer Master Survival Course. This 2 week course combines the entirety of our curriculum into a single course. Participants will learn each and every skill we have to offer, from the basics to the most advanced. For example, you will learn everything from surviving a 72 hour emergency to living off the land indefinitely. Gain extra skills and experience at a discounted rate in this upcoming event.

Course Content

Compass and Map Navigation


February 1st, 2020
8am – 4pm

Today most of us are accustom to getting directions from our GPS along well-marked streets. Unaccustomed to using our sight, hearing, and smell, to build a mental map we easily can get lost in the woods. This upcoming event teaches compass and map navigation , as well as, how to measure time, distance, and subsequently engaging your senses to build a mental map of your surroundings. Course Content

Trapping Workshop

March 14th, 2020
8am to 5pm

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Trail Blazer is excited to host the upcoming trapping workshop taught by guest instructor David Schuppert. David is an expert trapper, hunter, and fisherman who has taught a variety of wilderness courses in Nova Scotia. This course will teach a variety of trap sets both modern and primitive. Participants will receive hands on instruction in the use of steel traps, snares, and deadfalls along with various trapping gear and tools. This course will also cover how to scout an area for the best locations to set a trap and how to identify animal signs. For more information visit the Trapping Workshop page.

Wilderness Survival Weekends

1 Day: $100
2 Day: $229

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Trail Blazer’s Wilderness Survival Weekends are the ultimate form of adventure. Work with a Trail Blazer instructor to design your personal 1 or 2 day adventure. For single day adventures learn to forage wild plants, primitive fishing, tracking and set traps to harvest food from the environment. Practice multiple methods of obtaining clean water and eat a meal over a fire you both built and started from a single spark. Conclude the day building a warm dry shelter you could stay the night in. On overnight adventures you can delve into a simulated survival situation. Trail Blazer instructors will provide a minimal survive pack to use throughout the weekend. This small kit will provide your food, water, and shelter for the weekend. Over the weekend you will use each item in your pack to not just survive the weekend but actually thrive and have an exceptional time. Over the weekend learn from experience the necessary skills to survive an emergency situation in a fun and safe environment. More Information.