15 Day Wilderness Survival Course

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Trail Blazer Survival School’s multi-day wilderness survival courses teach survival skills that prepare you to survive in the wild.  We focus on primitive skills taught with a combination of demonstration and hands-on, by a professional wilderness survival instructor(s). The survival courses will introduce and give you practice with skills that are needed to thrive in the wilderness.

We offer our 15 day course twice a year or check out the individual segments for those who can’t accommodate fifteen (15) consecutive days off.

1. The first two (2) days covers Essential Wilderness Survival:Essential Widerness Survival Course

  • Everyday Carry (EDC) Kit Mentality
  • Survival Philosophy
  • Basic First Aid
  • Knife safety and sharpening
  • How to assess survival priorities and risk assessment
  • Basic knots, and proper ridge-line
  • Building an essential tarp/poncho shelter
  • Starting and sustaining a fire
  • How to procure and process safe drinking water
  • Making effective wooden tools
  • Food Procurement
  • Increasing your chances to be found by Search and Rescue
  • Hot Meals included at our facility.

2. The next four (4) day covers Applied Wilderness Survival:

  • Construct a wool blanket pack
  • Construct primitive shelters
  • Primitive fire creation by wood selection, and kit construction
  • Construct a primitive water container
  • How to procure water and make it safe to drink
  • Quartz stone knapping
  • Primitive traps
  • How to make cordage
  • How to tie knots and lashings
  • Food procurement
  • Basic camp cooking
  • Dehydrated Meals Included

3. You will finish with nine (9) days of Advanced Wilderness Survival which will give you the opportunity to experience real wilderness survival  You will learn and or demonstrate:

  • Primitive fire starting methods
  • Food procurement
  • Processing small game
  • Making tools
  • Plant identification
  • Land Navigation

The 15 Day Wilderness Survival Course requires you provide a medical health certificate that you are healthy enough to participate in 5 days of hiking (can be up to 9 miles in a day).

Location: 1103 Jeter Cemetery Rd., Union SC 29379