Day Camp Descriptions

Fishing Camp is an exciting outdoor based day camp. Students will learn how to set up their own fishing equipment from cane poles to modern rod and reel to head out to our private pond to catch their own fish. Students will also get to make their own lures to test out on the water.

Archer practicing their skillsFull Draw is a primitive archery camp where students will build their own bows.  We will teach them how to build a survival bow, a bamboo bow, and arrows.  They will learn about archery fundamentals, shooting form, range safety, hunter safety, and will get a chance to compete for “Top Shot.”  Students will get to keep their bows and arrows.

Bushcrafty  Students will will be taught how to construct their own camp gear as they learn about wilderness survival and get outside to enjoy some outdoor fun.

Animal Tracks  Students will learn about animal tracks and signs found out in nature from deer, squirrel, cats, dogs, and more. Then we will go for hikes trying to find them in the wild.

Summer Day Camper practicing their First AidSearch + Rescue is a wilderness safety and first aid camp that introduces students to the importance of planning ahead when embarking on a new adventure.  This is a hands on camp where students will practice first aid techniques, and learn about search and rescue, navigation, outdoor safety, fire safety, and water safety.  This fun course will also include geocaching, ranger beads, and water fun.

Children playing at a campsiteCampcraft is an excellent summer day camp for students who are new to camping or even experienced campers.  They will learn how to camp, how to set up a tent, camp cooking, campfire safety, and much more.  We will also cover the outdoor code, outdoor ethics, and leave no trace.  We will make useful camp gadgets and other camp crafts.

Summer Day Camper playing with a slingshot.Baskets and Bowls camp takes students back to the paleolithic days where man lived entirely off the land.  We will teach primitive basket making, how to weave traps for fishing and how to shape clay for bowl making. 

Summer Day Camper walking across a logLearn the ways of the natives at the Primitive Skills Day Camp.  This insightful camp allows students to embrace native heritage, and discover what life was like for the Native American.  We will learn pottery, basketry, bamboo bows, and primitive cooking.  

Youtube Survival IRL Takes popular Youtube survival videos and we teach the skills in real life to show how different it is from the other side of the camera.

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