Youth Fire and Shelter Workshop

Date: Saturday July 11th (10:00am to 3:00pm)

Price: $65.00

Age: 10-14

Location: 1103 Jeter Cemetery Road
Union, SC 29379 (shuttle available)

Join us at the Trail Blazer Survival Camp for our Fire and Shelter Workshop. this course teaches youth two of the most exciting set of skills needed for wilderness survival. The course begins with a lesson on fire safety. We try to instill in the youth the importance of respecting the fire and the campsite in general. While a fire can provide warmth and cook our food it can also hurt us and damage nature and property. Learning safety and respect for the fire is just as important as learning to build a fire. We will then move onto a lesson in the principles of fire making. Students will learn the techniques essential to starting a fire from a single spark using a ferro rod and striker. As a group we will  gather tinder, kindling, and fuel and discuss how to use each when building a fire. Each student will also practice starting a fire with alterative methods such as a lens, battery, and charcloth.  Once proficient in fire making students will learn to build primitive shelters for a variety of weather conditions. Working as a group students will build a lean-to, debris hut, and tarp hammock. This course is designed to be fun and get youth out into nature. This course is a fun way to teach important  outdoor skills in a safe and exciting environment.  Each skill learned is a vital tool for wilderness survival. Knowing how to build a fire from scratch and create a shelter for a multitude of climates could one day be the difference between life and death.

All instructors are trained in wilderness first aid or CPR certified and finger printed/background checked through SLED and DSS . Parents are welcome to drop off their children or stay and watch. For an additional fee of $15.00 we also provide a shuttle service on our 12 passenger van. Our shuttle leaves from Park Place Children's Center at 205 Batesville Rd. Simpsonville. SC 29681 at 8:30 am and returns at 4:30 pm.  We want to make learning valuable outdoors skills fun! Join us on July 11th for your next adventure!

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