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students fireAt Trail Blazer Survival we are passionate about getting students back into the outdoors.  We do this by engaging them on their level through fun interactive hands-on learning.  We can tailor any class to meet your needs. This is an excellent opportunity to get them out of the house/classroom and into the outdoors.

In the summer we keep 13 weeks open to Summer Day Camps.  This is an awesome way for your child to spend their summer learning about the outdoors.  This program will run the end of May/first of June until school starts back up.  Drop off from 7am-6pm – Ages 10 and up.

Also, throughout the year we offer our “Trailblazers” program to our local schools and home school groups for field trips.


Areas of Study Offered

Wilderness Survival

Nature Awareness

Plant and Animal Study

Native Skills, and More

“We were so impressed with the patience and enthusiasm of each of the teachers as well as their ability to learn our students’ names. It was very special for our students to be called by name, and we appreciate that you took the time to get to know them individually. Each session was engaging and practical, and the teachers were extremely knowledgeable. We loved the “take aways” – our kids wore their bandannas all the way home! We also appreciate the informative field guide and the bracelets and fish traps the students were able to create. As a teacher, one of the most important factors in any field trip is the cost. We were blown away with the affordability of this trip. Finally, our students absolutely loved the experience. Several commented that it was the best field trip they’d ever been on! You all have an excellent program, and I am so glad we stumbled upon your school online!  We are excited to come back next year.”  – Brenna M. (Teacher – Columbia Area Middle School)

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Standards of Conduct

Field Trip Waiver


Due to the nature of our training we require all students to be at least 10 years 
old, or have completed the 4th grade.      -   Affordable Low Cost Trips