Private Workshops & Courses

Trail Blazer Survival School offers customized training, private workshops & courses, corporate team building, retreats, and consulting on wilderness survival topics.

The cost of private training can vary based on group size and the type of training requested. For standard small group training, we typically charge $500.00 per day for a group size of up to 10 people.   There are additional costs for travel, lodging, meals, and resources that may be requested or needed to conduct the training you have in mind.

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Some Workshops to Consider

10 Snares and Deadfall Game Trap Workshop


Adding snares and deadfalls to your survival skills can be an excellent addition to your kit.  Wire and knowledge take very little space.   This course will teach a variety of traps that you can use over two days.   Participants will receive hands-on instruction in the use of snares, and deadfalls along with baiting and minimizing your scent on the traps. This course will also cover how to scout an area for the best locations to set a trap and how to identify animal signs.

Camp Cooking


*Private classes are available.

Learn to cook several different meals that are perfect for a variety of camping situations. Participants will work their way through a series of meals and cooking styles from bare-bones primitive survival cooking to “glamping” at the park.  You will do activities that teach the basics of building a proper cooking fire from a single spark and creating the cooking utensils you will use. Learn to make amazing meals whether you are hiking the Appalachian Trail, spending the night with your family at a state park, or surviving alone in the wilderness. This course is informative, exciting, and fun perfect for anyone wanting to hone their survival skills or have a fun evening with friends. You may even impress your friends and family on your next trip into the wild. Course Page

Bow Drill Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn and practice the techniques needed to properly operate a bow drill. At the end of this course, you take home a working bow drill along and flash tender so you are ready to make a fire from scratch. Learning the proper techniques for operating a bow drill is a difficult task. Often just watching videos or reading online won’t provide enough insight into the proper form and technique needed to get an ember ignited with a bow drill. It is much easier to learn in a class setting where instructors can help guide you in the right direction and give you feedback on your form. Nothing beats real-time instruction when learning a task like a bow drill,

Edible and Medicinal Plants Class

 Trail Blazer Survival School will be offering an edible plants class at its Union, SC campground location. A Dan Whitten, former president of the SC Native Plant Society will teach participants how to find, identify, and use native SC plants found during a wood walk.

Bug Out Workshop

Trail Blazer Survival School will teach you how to assemble an expertly researched bug-out bag that will include the items you need for a variety of emergency or survival scenarios.  Course Content


Learn to correctly read a map and compass, and terrain associate.

This course teaches the basics of navigation with and without a map.  We will go over map and compass reading, taking bearings, terrain association, pace counting, navigation techniques, natural navigation methods, and more.

trapSurvival Trapping & Food Procurement

Learn modern and primitive trapping along with various other food procurement methods.

This course teaches you dozens of different primitive traps and trigger mechanisms. Students will learn how to use and build multiple hunting implements.  We will also cover how to cook wild game and identify wild edibles.



Learn to identify animal tracks and determine the size, weight, and gate of an animal.

This course teaches you the principles of tracking includes; print identification, substrate analysis, animal habits and habitats, nature awareness, how to use a tracking stick, types of animal signs, and how to distinguish them.

Other available workshops upon request:

wilderness survival
wood carving
first aid
search and rescue