Applied Wilderness Survival

4 Day Applied Wilderness Survival Course

Applied Survival Course

The 4-day Applied Wilderness Survival Course is designed to teach you the skills necessary to survive any situation with confidence.   The training includes; shelter building, water procurement, fire making, food procurement, tools and cordage, and more. Learn essential life-saving skills that could be used in any situation.

Set up your tent and spend the night, fish from our lake after each class, hike our beautiful trails, and relax at our central campfire.  If classes aren’t being taught in our demonstration shelters you are welcome to use them and try your skills at spending a night in a primitive shelter.  This is our most popular course, and we look forward to having a full class. You will want to reserve your spot quickly.

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You will learn:

  • Minimal Kit Mentality and Applied Survival Philosophy
  • How to construct three primitive shelters and Shelter Principles
  • Bow Drill Fire, wood selection, and kit construction
  • Applied Fire Starting Methods – Firecraft
  • How to procure water and make it safe to drink
  • How to construct primitive traps (dead falls/spring poles/snares)
  • How to procure food
  • To identify trees and wild edible and medicinal plants
  • Knife fundamentals and maintenance, tool making, and cordage
  • Knots, lashings, and finger weaving
  • Basic Camp Cooking
  • Survival Rescue Methods

These will be a mix of lecture and practical hands-on learning. You will be busy the entire 40 hour week. Unlike other survival schools, you may have gone too, if we don’t cover the material you will be given a voucher to come back free at your convenience to any of our single day classes to receive the missed information. For this reason, we have a no-nonsense philosophy in our classes to ensure all material is covered to our exacting standards. We also guarantee that if you feel that we didn’t cover a subject adequately you can also receive a free voucher to a single day class that covers the subject.  What to Bring?