Deer Processing Workshop

Processing your own kill is very rewarding, and is crucial to avoiding unsavory tasting meat and deer processing fees. By learning to process your own deer you will enhance your natural awareness, gain a valuable life-saving skill, and put the best tasting meat you have ever had on the table.

DeerDeer Processing 101 (4 to 5-hour course)

Basic Field Dressing & Prep for Butcher

  • Dispatch
  • Field Dress
  • Gland and Urine Preservation (scent & lure)
  • Butcher’s Cut

Deer Processing 201 (4 to 5-hour course)

Butchering From Field to Freezer with Only a Knife

  • All of course 101 above and
  • Skinning (Mount and Non-Mount)
  • Quartering
  • Butchering Guide
  • Hide Preservation

*Course taught with goats.

Call to schedule one or both of these workshops for your group.