Wilderness Survival School


Wilderness Survival Training can be the difference between life and death.  When picking a wilderness survival school It is vital that you receive quality professional training from skilled instructors to ensure your safety.

Our approach is to give you the tools needed to survive and thrive in any situation.  Survival is the starting point of a personal journey that empowers you to make every outdoor place your playground.

Our survival program is designed to build on itself and is great for people of all skill levels.


We can customize courses and trips to meet your needs.

Customized experiences include half-day, full-day, and multi-day experiences. Survival seminars, workshops,  waterfall tours, overnight camps to multi-week outdoor excursions.  We have a professional team of guides that will provide an adventure that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us to plan the ultimate adventure.


We are more than just a wilderenss survival school. We are an outdoor learning center.

We host regular workshops every month to include survival basics,  wilderness self-aid, plant walks, herbal apothecary (medicine),  bowyer (bow building), pottery, deer processing, hide tanning, camp cooking, navigation, escape and evasion, tracking, still-hunting, modern trapping, kayaking and canoeing, and numerous other workshops.  Check out our upcoming events for all scheduled workshops.

students fireYOUTH PROGRAMS

At Trail Blazer Survival we are passionate about getting students back into the outdoors. 

We do this by engaging them on their level through fun interactive hands-on learning.  We can tailor any class to meet your needs. This is an excellent opportunity to get them out of the house/classroom and into the outdoors.

In the summer we keep 10 weeks open to Summer Day Camps.  This is an awesome way for your child to spend their summer learning about the outdoors.  Throughout the school year, we offer our “Trailblazers” program to our local schools and home school groups for field trips.


Our Trailbound course will transform individuals from day hikers to sectional and thru-hikers.

A backpacking journey is one of the most rewarding, exhilarating, and memorable ways you can spend your life.

We teach you the basics of hiking and backpacking, to include, what to pack, how to pack, proper body mechanics to avoid injury, self-aid, water purification, tent-setup, trail-cooking, bear bags, privy selection, foot care, trail terms and etiquette, and more.

We equip you with the skills needed to overcome the obstacles of everyday trail life, and to survive should something go wrong.

corp team building CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING

Team building is crucial to any successful organization.

Get your staff outdoors, and challenge their interpersonal (people) and rational (task) skills, and their ability to think outside the box. We offer multiple options: survival scenario challenges, outdoor competitions, wilderness team building, nature awareness, and more.

We can tailor events designed with your team in mind.