Essential Outdoor Prepardness Course

Essential Widerness Survival Course

February 18th & 19th, 2023   Book Now

Price: $298.00

Our 2-day Wilderness Survival Course covers the skills needed in a 72-hour wilderness emergency situation. The course includes 1 nights’ use of a campsite. Bathrooms and shower will be available during the course. Click here for the Course Content

Applied Outdoor Prepardness  Course

February 24th-27th, 2023  Book Now

Price: $596.00 

The 4-day Applied Wilderness Survival Course is designed to teach you the skills necessary to survive beyond a 72 hour emergency. The training covers; shelter building, food and water procurement, primitive fire starting, tools and cordage making, and more. Learn essential wilderness skills and philosophies that may be used in your everyday life. You will be primitive camping for 3 nights.  Bathrooms and shower to clean-up will be available at the end of the course.  Course Content

Advanced Outdoor Prepardness Course

March 20th-25th, 2023, Book Now

Price: $1,017.00

The 6 day Wilderness Survival Course takes students from just learning survival to actually using their skills in a long term setting. Students get a 6 day experience of what it could be like to live long-term in the wilderness, depending on just your skills and basic equipment. You can put your skills to the test while learning new skills every day. Each day will focus on a different aspect of long term wilderness survival..  You are required to have taken a previous field course to participate.  Course Content

Wilderness Guide Service

January -May 2023

We can guide your next wilderness adventure. If your planning an outdoor trip or need help planning, our wilderness guide can help. Don’t want to go solo, inexperienced group, group get away weekend, contact the school and let us help you enjoy the adventure.  Call  864-263-3850