Water's Edge is the ultimate fishing adventure! Each day campers are shuttled to a different fishing location including lakes, ponds, and rivers. This camp is exciting for both novice and experienced anglers. Campers will learn to fish with multiple types of rods and bait both primitive and modern. Campers will also learn to expertly set up their own rods for different fishing terrains. At the start of the week campers will sharpen their skills at Lake Cunningham and Lake Robinson. Both of these beautiful lakes offer a covered dock with lots of space for campers to have plenty of room to learn to cast without the fear of tangles. Once campers have sharpened their skills at the lakes we will visit Jones Gap State Park. At Jones Gap we will fish the Middle Saluda River, Matthew's Creek, and Julian Creek. The state stocks the Middle Saluda River with trout so campers have a good chance of making a catch. On Thursday campers will fish at Croft State Park which features Lake Craig and Lake Johnson. Finally on Friday camp will conclude with net fishing at Hooker Falls. Campers will learn to net and trap bait fish and enjoy swimming at the base of the falls.

Fishing Locations

  •  Monday June 15th: Lake Cunningham
  • Tuesday June 16th: Lake Robinson
  •  Wednesday June 17th: Jones Gap State Park
  •  Thursday June 18th: Croft State Park
  •  Friday June 19th: Hooker Falls

Dates: June 15th - 19th
Price: $265

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