David in ChairTrail Blazer is excited to host the upcoming trapping workshop taught by guest instructor David Schuppert. David is an expert trapper, hunter, and fisherman. David started his trapping career as boy setting traplines to catch muskrats near his home. As he got older David learned to skin and tan furs and enjoyed making various items from the finished hides. Even while serving in Vietnam David put his trapping skills to work ridding his camp of rats. David eventually found his way to a remote corner of Nova Scotia Canada where he bought 100 acres of wooded land. There he built a self sufficient homestead complete with log cabins, barns, livestock, gardens and a sawmill. David developed the homestead into a camp to help young men in need. The program taught, among other things, wilderness camping which included hunting, fishing, and of course trapping. Once the students learned to process their hides they were able to trade their furs with the Mic Mac Indians at the trading post. David has a passion for the outdoors and is a wonderful educator. This course will teach a variety of trap sets (both modern and primitive) and include hands on application.

What you will learn:

  • Intro to fur trapping and why trapping is an important skill to know
  •  Types of traps
    • Steel traps
    • Snares & Deadfalls
    •  Trapping gear and tools
  • Fur Signs
    • Scouting an area
    • Where to look for animals
    • How to identify animal signs
  • How to set traps
    • 3 simple sets to make
    • Trail set (or blind set)
    • Cubby set
    • Pocket set
  • Practical Application

Why is trapping important to learn?

Trapping is an extremely important skill for anyone who wants to be self sufficient in the wild or live off the land. Those interested in bushcraft and primitive survival training can benefit greatly from this class. Not only will you learn better baiting techniques and advanced primitive trapping methods but also the benefit, importance, and use of more "modern" steel traps. You may find that packing steel traps in your survival bag may be more useful and effective than most bushcrafters are aware. Those wanting to prepare themselves to be self sufficient can also greatly benefit from learning these trapping skills. Traps allow you to passively gather food without leaving the area around your home or shelter. Trapping is one of the best ways to get much needed resources from the land with out expending great amounts of energy. This class is a must for anyone that wants to spend time living off the land, advance their knowledge of primitive survival, or simply learn a skill that may one day save your life. We hope to see you on March 14th

Date: March 14th, 2020

Price: $75.00

Location: Trail Blazer Training Camp 1103 Jeter Cemetery Road Union, SC 29379


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