Applied Wilderness Survival

Already have the basics down but need to take your wilderness survival training to the next level. Then join us for four days of learning and adventure. During your stay, you will be learning the primitive skills necessary to survive in the wilderness with confidence.

During the classes, you will learn and practice intermediate survival skills to survive for an extended period of time during an emergency. You will learn:Will trying to start a fire with a Bow Drill

How to fold and tie a wool blanket pack
How to construct primitive shelters
Bow Drill Fire, wood selection, and kit construction
How to construct a primitive water container
How to procure water and make it safe to drink
Tool Making
Make cordage, useful knots and lashings
Food procurement
Basic Camp Cooking

These will be a mix of lecture and practical hands-on learning. You will be busy the entire 4 days.

Looking for something more advanced?  If you are confident in your survival skills and want to prove your metal than check out our Advanced Wilderness Survival Course.

Need to start with the basics?  Check out our Essential Wilderness Survival Course.