How large are the classes? – Our classes average from 4-8 students, but can have as many as 15 in our Essentials Course and 10 in our Basic, Applied and Advanced course. Workshops (single or part day classes) average 10-15 students.

What is your student to instructor ratio? – Our student to instructor ratio is about six students to every one instructor.  We typically have at least two instructors at every course no matter how small the class is.

Do you give out certificates with your courses?  We do give out certificates with each of our wilderness survival courses. Our workshops do not provide a certificate. We are extremely proud of our students, and want to recognize their hard work with a certificate and patch.  Additional patches based on the level completed are available for purchase should you need more than one or a replacement.

Where are the classes held? – We offer various workshops and adventures throughout Upstate South Carolina, but our standardized survival courses are held at our Survival Training Camp in Union, SC on private land inside the Sumter National Forest.

Can I check out a class before I register for one? – Due to the disruptive nature of having drop-ins, we don’t typically allow anyone to just sit in and check out a class.  We do have Meetup gatherings throughout the year for you to meet instructors, and sample some of our training.  These are free events, and are open to everyone.

What are your facilities like? – We have over 30 acres connected to the Sumter National Forest, a small lake, and many outdoor classrooms.  We have a small lodge, event barn and covered picnic shelter which we will use during bad weather.

Does the cost include boarding? – Tent sites are available for all students at no additional charge.  Rooms may be available for an additional fee.  Local hotel accommodations are available at student’s expense.

Are there toilets and showers? – We have accommodations for you to use the bathroom and to shower.

Should I bring a tent or hammock? – You may bring whatever portable sleep system that makes you comfortable.  Tents and hammocks are preferred, but small campers are permitted with prior approval.

Do I need to provide my own food and water? – Some of our courses and workshops may provide snacks or meals.  However, please check the details of your course.  If it does not specifically state that it provides a meal then you will need to provide your own food.  Food may be brought, or purchased at one of the nearby stores. (Dollar General, Walmart, Bi Lo, etc.) Water is provided, but we highly encourage you to carry a small water filter for your convenience.

How hard is the training? What type of physical condition do I need to be In? – Most of our courses are very laid back and easy going suitable for people of all fitness levels.  Our advanced wilderness survival course and land navigational and orienteering course requires that you be able to hike up to 9 miles per day.    A medical waiver will need to be signed by your physician to participate in this course.  All other Survival training courses are great for everyone.

Are there any dangers that come with training in survival? – Like anything, there are some risk involved in survival training.  Most dangers are a result of mechanical injury, twisting or lifting the wrong way, but are avoidable by being aware of your surroundings.  Also, minor cuts are to be expected.  First Aid kits are available at all times.   During warm weather there are snakes and spiders, but the ticks and chiggers are the biggest issue, so be prepared for bugs.  Treat clothing with deet or permethrin.  Natural bug repellents: Eat garlic / Mix 30 drops of basil or eucalyptus oil with water in a squirt bottle.

Travel Information

Trail Blazer Survival School is located at 1103 Jeter Cemetery Road, Union SC 29379.
For questions, please call 864-263-3850 or visit trailblazersurvival.com.

Courses Begin and End in Union, SC

If driving to your course in Union, please arrive 15 minutes before the course/workshop starts.

Arrival to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

Flights should arrive at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) the day before the course start date and students should spend the night in a hotel in Greenville. TBSS can arrange morning transportation from Hampton Inn & Suites Greenville Airport to Union.  There is a transportation charge for this service.
Another option for flying is via private plane through the Union County Airport (Troy Shelton Field). You will need to arrange transportation from this airport to our camp.

Lodging in Greenville

Students flying in for their TBSS course will want to arrive the day before their course begins and book a hotel room in Greenville, SC. Also, students returning to Greenville at the end of the course will want to spend the night at a hotel. Past experience has shown that after a course, students enjoy having a night with their course-mates in Greenville to relax and settle back into the amenities of civilization. Hotel reservations should be made well in advance to ensure vacancy.
Please note that while we are happy to provide you with the names and numbers of some Greenville hotels, we are in no way affiliated with the services they offer. If you are wanting TBSS to shuttle you please make arrangement prior to booking and stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites Greenville Airport.

Please call the hotels for their most current rates.

Hampton Inn & Suites Greenville Airport
128 The Parkway, Greenville, SC 29615 | +1-864-263-5555

Wyndham Garden Greenville Airport
47 Fisherman Ln, Greenville, SC 29615 | +1-864-288-3500

Greenville Marriott
One Parkway E, Greenville, SC 29615 | +1-864-297-0300

Please Note: All costs associated with food, lodging and transportation to Greenville are not included in the course tuition.

Getting from Greenville to Trail Blazer Survival School in Union, SC

It takes approximately 1.5 hours to drive from Greenville to Union, SC. If you have arranged for TBSS to shuttle you from the Hampton Inn & Suites Greenville Airport to the TBSS Camp in Union, SC. The TBSS shuttle departs the Hampton Inn at 7:15 a.m. sharp on the morning of the course start date.

TBSS Shuttle to Union
Please contact us for Shuttle Reservation availability before registering online.

Map to get to Trail Blazer Survival School

Driving Directions

The TBSS Camp is located in the center of the triangle between Greenville/Spartanburg SC, Columbia SC, and Charlotte NC. The entrance of the property is at 1103 Jeter Cemetery Road, Union SC and is marked by a 8′ high x 4′ wide sign with our logo.

From Greenville SC: Take I-385 S and Follow I-385 S and merge onto I-26 E. Take exit 54 from I-26 E
Follow SC-72 E, SC-121 N and River Rd/State Rd S-44-113 to Jeter Cemetery Rd/State Rd S-44-356 in Union County. Your destination is 1103 Jeter Cemetery Rd (Approx. 1 hour and 30 mins)

From Columbia SC: Follow SC-215 N to State Rd S-44-113 in Union County. Follow State Rd S-44-113 to Jeter Cemetery Rd/State Rd S-44-356. Your destination is 1103 Jeter Cemetery Rd (Approx. 1 hour and 30 mins)

From Charlotte NC: Take I-277 S from S. Church St. Follow I-77 S to SC-9 N in Chester County. Take exit 65 from I-77 S. Continue on SC-9 N. Take SC-121 S to Jeter Cemetery Rd/State Rd S-44-356 in Union County. Your destination is 1103 Jeter Cemetery Rd (Approx. 1 hour and 30 mins)

Video Policy

  •  Certain portions of courses, including all lessons and skills, are not to be filmed at all. This is to protect key aspects of TBSS’s program and curriculum.
  • Video footage is strictly for personal, home viewing. One should not be distributing or sharing TBSS footage for professional or promotional use. Similarly, nothing should be posted online without the expressed, written permission of TBSS, Inc.

For more detailed information about our video policies please visit: trailblazersurvival.com/resources/frequently-asked-questions-faq/

TBSS Emergency Number

While you are attending a TBSS course, an emergency cell phone number will be provided to you. Please keep in mind that this number is for emergencies only and may not be used to check-up on students on a minute to minute basis. No news is good news in the field!

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is required to attend a TBSS course. There are companies who will provide temporary trip insurance if you do not have health insurance or would like to add additional insurance to cover things such as medical evacuation, stolen equipment, or cancelled flights. A couple of options are:

Travelguard.com | +1-800-826-4919
Insuremytrip.com | =1-800-487-4722

Final Payment

Final course fees are due before the course begins. We request that any final payment be MADE BY CHECK and mailed to the Trail Blazer Survival School, Inc. at 205 Batesville Road., Simpsonville, SC 29681

TBSS Gear Options

Please place your TBSS gear order at least 3 weeks prior to the course start at trailblazersurvival.com/store.

If you have any questions about our Survival School or training, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.