Hiking Safety

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Before you go on your hike, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the area on a map. Know which direction you should walk to get to a highway that you can’t miss, which direction to go (right or left) to get to the nearest town if you have to go to the road. If there isn’t a […]

Camping Safety as a Family

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Here at Trail Blazer we generally teach skills for surviving  emergency situations. However there are still many preventative skills, tricks, and tips one should know to avert emergencies from happening at all. Today I wanted to provide some tips we give to parents whenever we do a news segment or attend a boy or girl […]

Best Survival Gear for Your Bag

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72 Hour Emergency Survival Gear Bag Most of us, including myself, don’t think about carrying a survival bag when we aren’t planning to go deep into the forest.  You reason, “I will just be 20’ from the vehicle, no chance of getting lost.”  However, it happens many times every year, multiple people get lost just […]


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About The Felt Recoil Podcast Show A weekly conversation about anything and everything that comes up in the life of two guys who work in the gun industry. This is an interview I gave (Tom Weathers) back in February 2017. Twitter: @feltrecoilshow Facebook: /feltrecoilshow/

Cold Weather Survival

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 With an abnormally cold fall and with winter around the corner I thought this would be the perfect time to discuss cold weather survival.  Being cooped up all season is not feasible for many outdoor enthusiasts.  The call of the wild is just too strong.  We can’t help it, we just love to be outside […]

Survival Training, How Heavy is it?

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 In the event of an SHTF scenario, Emergency Preparedness is vital to your odds of survival, but nothing replaces adequate survival training. You can have all the gear and preps in the world, but if you are unable to defend those preps or survive without them you are setting yourself up for disaster. You can […]


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