Knife/Tools/Cordage Class

Knife, Tools & Cordage Class

survival kitThere are a variety of tools that can help you survive in the wilderness, but the right knife is the most important one.  Knowing how to select the proper knife, sharpen it and maintain it so it doesn’t corrode is critical to your success.  Your knife is used for cutting notches (to make other tools and traps), prepare food, provide protection, and make cordage.

Cordage has many uses in a survival situation.  If you find yourself without cordage, you must be able to create your own. It is used for lashing to make other tools that may be necessary for your survival.

Learn how to:

  • choose, maintain and sharpen your knife
  • make proper notches and cuts using your knife
  • make cordage
  • plait cordage
  • tie useful knots
  • use your knife, notches, cordage and knots to make useful tools
  • basic land navigation