Trapping, Hunting & Gathering Class

Trapping, Hunting & Gathering

After meeting your needs for shelter (warmth) and water, the human mind will drive a person to find food.  The mind will actually turn its thoughts to food before water unless you are in a desert (arid) situation or have had to physically exert yourself to the point that the body needs to immediately replenish its electrolytes and water.

While you can last up to 3 months without food, your psychological well-being is improved when you have even a small amount of food each day.  While a small amount may not be enough to make a dent in your caloric input, the psychological effect of helping you maintain the will to survive is crucial.

Learn how to:

  • construct two types of deadfall traps
  • construct a live catch trap
  • construct two different spring snares
  • construct a frog/fishing gig
  • carve and learn to use a rabbit stick
  • primitive fishing
  • common edible and medicinal plants lecture


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