Outdoorsman Certification Course

Held only once a year, the 5 day Outdoorsman Certification Course takes students from just learning to using their skills in a long term setting. Students get a 5 day experience of what it could be like to live long-term in the wilderness, while depending on just your skills and basic equipment. In addition to learning Hunting, Fishing and foraging, you will be forced to put all of your previous bushcraft and survival skills to the test while learning new skills each day.

Mandatory Prerequisites:

Applied Wilderness Survival Course

Applied Bushcraft Course

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

SCDNR Hunting and Fishing License

This is a fully immersive certification, no running water or facilities are provided. You will not have access to your vehicle during this course. You must be physically capable of hiking with all your gear up to 5 miles to get to the campsite. Meals are not provided, you must pack in your food for the 5 days.