NOLS Wilderness First Aid


October 23rd to 24th, 2021

Prepare for the unexpected with this fun, hands-on introduction to wilderness medicine taught over two days. This is the perfect First Aid Course for those wanting to work at wilderness camps, as guides, or just to enjoy weekend family outdoor activities where help isn\'t immediately available.

In rural or remote areas where EMS response can be expected to much longer than the typical 10 to 15 minutes and you will need to provide extended first aid to someone, the wilderness first aid course provides training that may help you in these circumstances. You\'ll learn the Patient Assessment System, how to provide effective first aid treatments for injuries and illnesses common in the outdoors, and how to make appropriate evacuation decisions. Training is conducted both in the classroom and in outdoor settings regardless of weather, so come prepared for wet, muddy, cold or hot environments!

  • Step forward in an emergency with this 16 to 20-hour course designed to introduce wilderness medicine principles.
  • Learn how to improvise equipment, deal with challenging environments, and act with confidence away from medical care.
  • Engage in classroom lectures and demonstrations, combined with realistic scenarios where mock patients will help to integrate your learning.





Dates: October 19th - 20th

Location: 3664 River R.,  Union SC 29379

Age Requirement: 16

Sponsored By: NOLS Wilderness Medicine

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Topics Covered


Patient Assessment System
Emergency and Evacuation Plans
Spine Injury
Head Injury
Wilderness Wound Management


Wilderness Wound Management
Musculoskeletal Injury
Heat Illness
Cold Injury
Altitude Illness
Chest Pain
Abdominal Pain
Shortness of Breath
Altered Mental Status




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