Master Survival Course

Learn to become a Master Survivalist at the Trail Blazer Master Survival Course. This 2-week package combines the entirety of our curriculum into a single course. Participants well learn each and every skill we have to offer, from the basics to the most advanced. Learn to effectively prepare for and survive a 72 hour emergency, as well as how to live off the land indefinitely. This course will put your skills to the test  in a way that a regular classroom experience cannot. Learn to endure the hardships of survival in a real world setting. Gain extra skills and experience at a discounted rate. This is the ultimate way to become a master of survival.


You Will Learn

Survival Skills:

  • Preparations to increase your chances of survival
  • Shelter, knowing multiple ways to create is crucial to survival
  • Water Procurement, multiple ways to find and methods of disinfecting
  • Signaling, a must know in the survival game
  • Fire, preparation, multiple ways to create, and how to keep it going
  • Plants to avoid and to prepare
  • Animal Foods, necessary for long-term survival, how to find and acquire
  • Cooking, transforming sticks, stones, and embers into tools to prepare and serve food
  • Containers for transport, preparation, and storage
  • Primitive Skills, Tricks, and Outdoor Information
  • Wilderness Health & Hygiene that’s vital to your health
  • NOLS Wilderness First Aid Certification
    Over 200 Skills you can take home!

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