photo of a compass and navigation14-Day Land  Navigation  Course

Oct 28th - November 10th


The Land Navigation and Orienteering course teaches the advanced use of map and compass techniques with wilderness travel and survival. Students learn and utilize wilderness navigation techniques while traveling through the the rugged terrain of the Sumter National Forest in Union, SC.

You will Learn:

  • Constructing a contingent backpack

  • How to pick a campsitea photo of a compass

  • Shelter construction

  • Primitive fire techniques

  • How to locate water

  • Water purification techniques

  • Land navigation and orienteering

  • Map and compass reading

    • Map color and scale significance

    • Contour lines

    • Intervals

    • Margins

    • Trail selection

    • Compass calibration

    • Taking bearings

    • Practical map and compass use

    • Triangulating location

    • Maintaining direction of travel

    • Declination

    • Magnetic fields

    • UTM

    • Latitude and Longitude

    • Township and range coordination system

    • Travel planning and route finding

    • mindset problem solving

Event Location: Trail Blazer Training Camp 1103 Jeter Cemetery Road Union, SC 29379

Must be able to complete a  1.5 mile run in 18 minutes or less. Must be at least 18 years old. 

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