Intro to Compass and Map

      • Fitness Level :  Easy
      • Group Size: 10

Book January 21st 9am to 1pm

The Basic Wilderness Survival Workshop provides students the minimum you should know in wilderness survival should something goes awry.  This workshop is designed to give you knowledge of what it takes to survive a 72-hour emergency situation. 

TBSS will cover:

  •  Compass Anatomy
  • Proper Use of a Compass
  • Topo Map Anatomy
  • Orienting the Map
  • Navigate with Map and Compass
  • Measure Distance on Map
  • Declination Correction
  • Sight a Bearing
  • Finding Your Location
  • Measure Slope Incline

Location: 1103 Jeter Cemetery Rd., Union SC 29379


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Bathroom and water are available 

Taught by Master Navigator Tom Weathers

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