Best Survival Gear for Your Bag

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72 Hour Emergency Survival Gear Bag Most of us, including myself, don’t think about carrying a survival bag when we aren’t planning to go deep into the forest.  You reason, “I will just be 20’ from the vehicle, no chance of getting lost.”  However, it happens many times every year, multiple people get lost just […]

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Trail Blazer Survival School Team wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We want to thank all of our family, friends, students, and supporters.  Without you we wouldn’t have been able to come so far.  We are extremely grateful for each of our students who have trained with us over the last year, and we […]

Cold Weather Survival

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 With an abnormally cold fall and with winter around the corner I thought this would be the perfect time to discuss cold weather survival.  Being cooped up all season is not feasible for many outdoor enthusiasts.  The call of the wild is just too strong.  We can’t help it, we just love to be outside […]

Survival Training, How Heavy is it?

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 In the event of an SHTF scenario, Emergency Preparedness is vital to your odds of survival, but nothing replaces adequate survival training. You can have all the gear and preps in the world, but if you are unable to defend those preps or survive without them you are setting yourself up for disaster. You can […]

Choosing a Survival School

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by Justin Williams You won’t regret choosing Trail Blazer Survival. Have you ever tried searching for a survival school online? It can be a daunting task, and even a bit overwhelming. You want to get the best training you can for your money, and understandably so. With all the hype of the survival industry there […]