Camp Cooking

April 25, 2020 (4:00 PM - 7:00 PM)


*Private classes are available upon request with a minimum requirement of 4 participants.

Learn to cook several different meals perfect for a variety of camping situations.  Participants will work their way through a series of meals and cooking styles from bare bones primitive survival cooking to "glamping" at the park. While your meals cook do activities that teach the basics of building a proper cooking fire from a single spark and create cooking utensils from scratch. Learn to make amazing meals whether you are hiking the Appalachian Trail, spending the night with your family at a state park, or surviving alone in the wilderness. This course is informative, exciting, and fun perfect for anyone wanting to hon their survival skills, have a fun evening with friends, or become a better chef. You are guaranteed to impress your friends and family on your next trip into the wild.




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