Applied Bushcraft Course

With a large majority of prospective tourists and outers, “camping out” is a leading factor in the summer vacation. And during the long winter months they are prone to collect in little knots and talk much of camps, fishing, hunting, and “roughing it.” The last phrase is very popular and always cropping out in the talks on matters pertaining to a vacation in the woods. I dislike the phrase. We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it.” WOODCRAFT AND CAMPING by “Nessmuk”

You wont find other course that will teach you survival and camping skills using only a pocket knife. Join us for 3 days of learning and adventure. During your stay, you will be actively using skills that enrich your time in the wilderness and contribute to long-term self-reliance. This course is intended to help students to go out into nature and live for extended periods of time, but also supplements your survival skills when rescue is delayed or absent.  A part of this course will use a spoon carving knife (hook knife) but the rest of the course it taught using only a folding pocket knife (camp knife ) and a hatchet.


Group setting by fire at TBSS

Some of the skills you will learn:

  • Advanced fire methods
  • Advanced food procurement
  • Campfire Cooking*1
  • How to make usable tools
  • Spoon, Spatula Carving
  • Basic orienteering w/out a map
  • Building a camp kitchen
  • Cordage Making
  • Trap Building, Snaring and much more…..

You will be primitive camping for 3 nights. Portable toilets will be available and a shower to clean-up will be available at the end of the course. There is an additional charge for this course at checkout. At the beginning of the course students receive a new knife, hook knife, hatchet, and spoon carving blanks. Upon completing the course students will be allowed to keep these. If you already have them or wish to buy them and bring them to the course please contact the school prior to arrival to get your items approved. Unapproved items will not be allowed for substitution during the course.

*1 There will be 4 cooking sessions, 2 breakfast and 2 Dinner. You may bring your own food for these or for an additional fee meals will be provided. If you have dietary restrictions please contact the school prior to registration to determine what is best for you.