Advanced Wilderness Survival Course

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The 6 day Wilderness Survival Course takes students from just learning survival to actually using their skills in a long term setting. Students get a 6 day experience of what it could be like to live long-term in the wilderness, depending on just your skills and basic equipment. You can put your skills to the test while learning new skills every day. Each day will focus on a different aspect of long term wilderness survival.

Examples of what you will learn/demonstrate:

  • Up to 5 primitive fire starting methods
  • Tool making
  • Food procurement
  • Building Shelters
  • Sourcing and making safe drinking water
  • Plant identification
  • Land Navigation

This course requires that you provide a medical health certificate that you are healthy enough to participate in 5 days of hiking (can be up to 5 miles in a day) and have taken survival classes with TBSS or other approved wilderness education companies.

Required Packing List